Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'm on vacation. Finally. Last summer I barely rested because I was doing my internship and I only had one week to myself, which was mostly spent running after my adorable nephew Clemente.

Now it's different. I have three weeks to myself. This first week I exercised a lot, but i's weird, because the more I exercise the bigger I feel. I must be allergic to healthy things. For the next couple of weeks I'll go to my mom's house and talk nonesense while we drink vodka tonics together. I'll probably walk the dog and try to get him to join me for a jog. I'd also like to visit my sister in the country side. Her house is seriously awesome. Then, on the 28th, I have my sister's wedding, and my dress is so cool that I just might have to post pictures. After that I'm going back to work, and I'm quitting on April, and then I'll move on to another job.

I'm also acquiring my Visa during my vacation. I'll try not to act too single so they give it to me without any problems. Boston is only a few months away now. I wish I could go right now and take this wonderful sun with me. First I gotta lose a few pounds, 'cause I just know I'm gonna gain a few over there.

So yeah, it's pretty obvious I'm on vacation. Nothing interesting to say, and whatever I say is dumb. What is not uninteresting or dumb is that I miss my best friend. She's been away for over a month, and if she plays her cards right I won't see her until May.

Fuck TV, man....