Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My mom is the absolute best person to watch crappy movies with, especially when those crappy movies are chick flicks. I got a bootleg version of Mamma Mia! (I'd never pay full price for such a piece of delicious crap) knowing I'd enjoy watching it with my mama. See, even writing about her makes me go all Bradshaw and girly. And stuff.

So, I had lunch with her last Sunday and afterwards we chilled on her bed and watched the movie. As the minutes went by I knew exactly when she'd laugh, cry, and make that "tsk-tsk-too-doo" sound moms and dads do when they dance. Turns out I was right every single time. Whenever an "emotional" scene would take place I'd glance at her and notice her eyes were shining with unshed tears. She cries with EVERYTHING. She's that lady that cries with soap operas she doesn't even watch. Oh, and watching When a Man Loves a Woman? Forget about it; she's already crying by the opening credits. I'm not exaggerating.

I love watching Terms of Endearment with her, too. It's not just a movie I enjoy, penned and directed by one of my all-time favorite writer/directors, but whatching it with my mom gives it extra value. I gave her the movie Venus for her birthday, but I didn't watch it with her. She said she'd enjoy it.

My mom is pretty cool. She's a very good and generous mother in law, too. And she's well aware of this. She's constantly saying, "is there anyone more charismatic than me?", half kidding, naturally. The thing is she is pretty charismatic, and people immediately warm up to her because she's very receptive and goes out of her way to make people comfortable, something that has rubbed off on me. My dad is more about being master and commander: whatever he says goes and isn't questioned. My mom is more willing to bend the rules to make somebody happy, regardless of what people may think.

I'm planning on spending a week with her this summer. We'll do fun stuff and talk and drink and eat fine things. She's an excellent listener, so I expect us to have lots of late night conversations. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and check this out: this is my mom when she was in her very early twenties. Can you say Classic Hollywood?