Sunday, June 07, 2009

Are the milk commercials real????

Please, Unitedstatians. Enlighten me.


Lainey said...

Holy crap! I've never seen the milk commercials, but sadly, it doesn't surprise me that they exist. Wow. I had NO idea that all this time all I needed was a man to bring me a glass of milk & my frizzy hair and cramps would be solved for good! Plus, as an added bonus, I'd have a hero/boyfriend/husband of my very own! *sparkles*

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Dear God! I live in California and have never seen this crap. SERIOUSLY?! That is false advertising. I drank milk all the time and my hair was STILL out of control and my PMS tears could fill the canyon by my house. Liars.

Oh and if you want something truly mind boggling, check the ads for The Anti-Gym. I hope an obese couple fall on the owner and smother him to death.