Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Marra, Genny, and commenter monkeyblade have submitted their tacky items of choice. Under the loving eyes of the tacky gods, I present to you Round II of Tackypallooza.

Tacky Gods Tank and Ashleighann

You think you know tacky? Ha! Whale tail + Tramp stamp = Yo' mamma.

Need help around the kitchen? Worry not, lady! Fisher's here to help you. With his long (but not thick) rod.

And last but not least... Tired of being the only girl in your posse whose camel toe just won't show? We have just the thing for you! It's... Camel Toe Cup*!!! Just put it over your hoo-haa and get ready to turn some heads!

I've got more, but I'm saving them for later.

*Yes, this is a real product. There's mild, medium and cougar. I wonder which one CoCo uses?


Marra Alane said...

That picture of the pregnant topless cover? I think that's the winner. The soft focus? The too tight/baggy jeans? The hand on the ass? I defy anyone to come up with something more tacky than that.

Figgylicious said...

Oh good God, Sofi. This is the best contest ever.

How about this:

(read the WHOLE story, it's priceless:

or this:

from this:

I think the first one's my favorite.

Sofi said...

Those are all wonderful submissions, Figgy. But the rules state you MUST post them on your blog...

Jeremy Feist said...

Damn, we totally SHOULD have Stace be the judge. Good call Ms. March.

Lainey said...

The hand on the ass is what makes it. I mean really.