Friday, January 09, 2009


So, with the end of Tackypallooza comes another project: the Pajiba Calendar. I've been thinking about which movie I'd like to pay homage to (or insult), and I'm not so sure if I'd like to pick one with a character that somewhat resembles me or a movie I really dig.

I loved "Volver" and I think the poster kicks ass. I was also thinking of mocking all those movie posters that look like this:
But then it'd only be pictures of me. Lame. Or self-indulgently funny? Or maybe we should have everyone pick 12 movies we all like and use those as references.



Snath said...

This is kind of a fantastic idea.

Rusty said...

Hmmm… I've done Mrs.Incredible already…

I'd be willing to ape X-Files as Scully, but only if I could pose with one arm sunk elbow-deep in a corpse and the other hand holding a pistol. That woman was a fantastic shot AND could perform an autopsy like nobody's business.

Jeremy Feist said...

Yeah, I was about to say, this doesn't give you much to work with. Although if we could make it work, it would look fantastic. I'll take it into consideration and talk to my people about it, Ms. March.

Figgylicious said...

Ahahhaa you could totally have yourself...LOOKING AT YOURSELF!

With a bit of skilled photoshopping, it could be a work of art.

Also...feast of love? What the fucking fuck is that?