Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Great Monday

It's Saturday, but I want to write about what's going to happen on Monday.

For the past few weeks, Pajibettes from around the world united to create "Paheeba" day, which consists of female oriented posts written by the female readers of that will be published during an entire day. Dustin Rowles, editor of the site, was kind enough to let it happen and I'd like to extend my gratitude to him across the large American continent. You rock, Dustin.It wasn't easy to get it all together. We have an extensive message thread on Facebook to show for it. But we did it, all of us. We worked together and made it happen. It all started as a joke, really. We talked about a female revolution and put a bow on an octopus and declared we were taking over the site and turn it into Vagina Village. It was only when Dustin offered the possibility to turn our jest into a reality that things got serious. First, we had to know if we were up for the challenge. We were. Then we had to decide what we wanted to write, which took several days. Weeks, even. The posts came together and I felt confident enough to e-mail Dustin and tell him that we were up for it. I sent him a couple of finished posts and he enjoyed them.


I so wanted him to approve for several reasons, but one stood out above the rest. Sure, we wanted to be published and hear what BarbadoSlim had to say about our little revolution, but my main concern was to create quality posts to make a certain someone proud.

As I mentioned earlier, it all started as a joke, but as things got more serious I started to give meaning to it all. I can't just do something for the sake of doing it; I need to imprint some relevance on it. Paheeba day had nothing to do with my wanting to be published in an American website. It did, however, have everything to do with honoring a female reader who's going through some harsh times.

She goes by the name of AlabamaPink on Pajiba. Her real name is Amanda, and she's in the hospital. Going through the comment threads and reading her blog I've learned so much about her and what she's going through, and several Pajibans have showed their support for her by donating blood or running marathons to support those who suffer from Leukemia. Being so far away from her there's not much I can do, except support those with Leukemia who live in my country, but what I knew I could do for her was entertain her with some silly posts that hopefully will provide her a few moments of distraction.
Manda, this was all for you. All those hours of writing and getting everything together and editing posts and photoshopping images to make them look silly were to give you a nice time. Thank you for showing me through your words what courage is. I don't even know you but I'm so damn proud of you. So check out the Paheeba day posts. My only hope is that you'll think : "Good Godtopussy, I can write circles around those bitches."

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