Friday, November 21, 2008


I adore this kid. And I adore Amy Poehler for doing this show.

On the other hand, these girls are fucking hilarious, and not in a cute way.


dylanj said...

god i hope i have boys

lordhelmet said...

Well done ladies, very convincing, yes I'm sure you'll all make excellent actres-wait, what? These were *genuine* reactions?? Holy shit, what's wrong with these kids???

Incidentally, people like this? I take a perverse delight in their suffering. So thanks!

meaux said...

Good grief...maybe they're all David What's-his-face's sisters? That is the only way that reaction would be at all understandable. Ugh. Anyway, although little Cameron was absolutely delightful, it looks like the odds are in favour of procreation being a VERY BAD IDEA.