Monday, October 13, 2008

Hormone, shmormone.

You should be grateful your country even advertises birth control.

Also, am I the only one who thinks McCain has tiny hands? And please, Pajibans, spare me the "it's because you have mutant hands, you freak!!" comments.


dylanj said...

McCain just looks kind of weird period.

But you do have really large hands, they kind of remind me of the foam finger hands people wear at baseball games : )

And yes, having the ability to get birth control (actual birth control at that, not just saying a good rosary) is nice. Although they sometimes still give you dirty attempted-shame causing looks at you when you are in the drugstore.

Optimus Rhyme said...

(On a dark streetcorner Optimus stands, silhouetted by the cheap streetlight. A thin tendril of smoke drifts eerily past a shadowed face.))
So, I see over at Pajiba you're getting pretty well acquainted with Sofia. With my woman.
*Optimus flicks the shriveled remains of his cigarette at Dylan's feet, the sparks lightly dancing over his shoes.*
And now I find you here, TALKING SHIT ABOUT HER HANDS!
*The flickering of the public access illumination betrays the blade hidden within the depths of Optimus' impressive palms*
*Optimus' voice sinks to a hoarse whisper*
If I see you around here again, you're gonna learn why John McCain can't raise his arms over his head. You're gonna learn it the hard way.

Rusty said...

*raises hand*

I am genuinely on Seasonale to control my period and period related symptoms. The not getting pregnant thing is a nice side effect, but it's really the lack violent pain that keeps me taking those little pink pills.

John McCain looks like some kind of poorly assembled GI Joe doll. Only older.

dylanj said...


I promise to to mess up your eRomance- you and Sofia's love story is better than Jim and Pam.

That said if Sofia ever wanders into the Northwest part of Wichita KS all bets are off....... (this is assuming of course that Sofia isnt chilling with a nice Chilean boy and not really interested in a pair of gringos)

dylanj said...

* promise NOT to

Marra Alane said...

How dare you question the size of McCain's hands! He was a POW! He doesn't have to answer to you.

And let's be real, his little hands are the least of his problems. Have you seen his head? My god, woman. A picture of his splotchy wet playdoh head is all the birth control you need.