Friday, October 17, 2008

Dirk Diggggshuthefuckup

I consider myself a rational woman, with thoughts and interests and all that crap, but sometimes it's nice to just lean back, clear your mind and enjoy the view.Mark Whalberg: give it up. Stop trying to be so badass. You've done a couple of good movies, or you've been fortunate enough to be cast in a supporting role in good film, but you peaked a long time ago. When you were doing stuff like this:

Ah, those were the days. Then you started taking yourself too seriously and you got mad at Andy Samberg for doing this:

I mean, who gets mad at Andy Samberg? It was just a sketch, and his impression was spot on.

I believe in people, as cheesy as that may sound, and I like to think even the DUMBEST individuals have some substance in them (especially Paris Hilton after New Year's Eve), but I gotta tell you, dude. To me, you'll always be that hot douchebag who did shit like this:
Fuck you, Mark Whalberg. Fuck you and drop the pants. Bitch.


dylanj said...

mark wanted me to tell you he is going to fly down to Chile and punch you in the nose

Lainey said...

Did you see him on SNL last night? He was funny. And cute. Well, I think he's always cute and his soft voice gives me goosebumps...ok, fine, I love him. There, are you happy now?

"Say hi to your mother for me."