Saturday, May 20, 2006

Crazy week...


It’s been one of those crazy weeks. It started with a nice tan and it ended up with my peeling like a snake changing skins. I wish that was a metaphor, but it’s not. I’m literally peeling pieces of skin. That’s what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen on sun beds.

On Monday I took compliments from my friends on how finger-licking good I looked for my big bro’s wedding. Then my friends Isa and Lili came back to my house with me and we ordered two medium pizzas. Medium pizzas are small, there’s no question about it. While Isa and I watched “Finding Nemo” on HBO Lili was talking to her boss and was fired over the phone. It wasn’t nice at all, I was worried sick about her.

Tuesday I stayed at home and went to my mom’s for dinner. I decided to sleep over there to finish a project for school, which was for the best, because someone broke into my dad’s house through the laundry yard, and I always stay up until very late in the computer room, which’s only access is from the back yard, meters away from the laundry yard. Anyway, the maid saw the guy, set off the alarm and called the cops and her boyfriend, who also happens to be a cop. There were like 10 cops inside the house searching for the thief but they didn’t find him. Of course, while they searched they left everything open, so when they left and my brother and the maid went to sleep (with the alarm and everything locked) they were terrified to hearing the alarm going off and finding the kitchen door wide open. The thief was still inside the house after the cops left. But he only took a few bottles from the bar. My guess is he was scared to death with all the cops that arrived to my house in less than 3 minutes. It’s the second time someone tries to break into my house, and curiously enough, both times my dad has been out of the country. Hmm...

So Wednesday was P day. Paranoia. I think I’m too confident and I feel overly safe in every scenario, because my siblings and my mom were hysterical. I had to sleep downstairs with the door locked and with a golf club by the bed so they were calmed. Everyone (myself included) thought I’d have a hard time going to sleep. As soon as I put my head on the pillow I was snoring, so I guess everyone was wrong.

Thursday was important for our film group ‘cause it was the screening of the offline version of our short movie. The offline is a rehearsal of the movie, you use the same locations and make everything as close to the movie as possible, only you shoot in a different format. This time it was digital and not film. We were all so nervous because our story is a comedy and we’d seen it so many times, shooting it, editing it, revising it, that we thought it wasn’t funny anymore. The worst is that ours screened after a really good film by another group. At this point I was biting my wrist.

Take a wild guess: everyone loved it. At first they laughed because we were the actors, but then they laughed at the situations and the story itself. We got FOUR rounds of applause: during and for the credits of the movie, while we were going down the stairs to face the commission for the mea culpa, and while we took our seats again. The commission didn’t say much about it other than agreeing with what we’d said we’d done wrong and the head of the department complimented us for choosing a genre and sticking to it. Yay us.

After that Lili and I went back to my house and ordered two large pizzas. She got rehired, which was more great news for that day. So we ate a pizza, vegged out on the couch because we couldn’t move, and laughed a lot.

Friday night my sister celebrated her birthday at my mom’s, so we stayed up until 5:00 AM. Her actual birthday is today, she turned 19, and it’s also my cousin’s wedding, for which I have to go get ready now ‘cause it’s 4:44 PM and I’m still in my PJ’s.

Peace out. And remember: Nobody puts baby on a corner.