Monday, July 03, 2006

A Petition


I hate favors. I hate asking them because inside me there lives a very guilty girl who has absolutely no reason so feel guilt in the first place, but I cannot help it.

My petition is simple: No more Paris Hilton. As simple as that. I do NOT wish to see or hear from Miss Hilton again, not even if they name a new STD after her, I just want her to lock herself in one of her hotels and watch reruns of herself so she never has to show her face to the outside world again.


Of course you do, hommes! All you gotta do is never touch the subject again. If someone says Paris this, Paris that, just ignore them. Sure, you WILL be hated for ignoring your friends, but soon enough everyone will hate them and YOU will be the life of the party. Just imagine yourself in a nice location with some good music playing, chatting with your friends about Aristotle and the immortality of crabs... You will be able to appreciate the morning dew glistening on a lovely pink carnation, the rainbow reflecting on a child´s smile, the sun shining furiously after a hard rain... Sure, you can do that now, but imagine doing it in a world without Paris... Priceless.

Rock and roll stars joined forces to defeat hunger and poverty in Africa. Cyber nerds can join to push Paris Hilton away from the spotlight. WE CAN DO IT!!!

But stay away from Nicole Ritchie. That bitch is cool.

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