Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aunt Sofía

I have 4 nephews: 3 are sons of my oldest sister and the other one is my other sister's first. My 4 nephews are now together in my mother’s house, which is quite the special occasion, considering three of them live in the country side among vines of grape and the other is visiting from Austin, Texas. They’re 6, almost 4, 2 and the youngest one, the one in the video, is a year old. They’re a riot together.

It doesn’t cease to surprise me how much Pedro (6) and Diego (4) love their new cousin. They’re kissing him and playing with him and crawling all around the house all day long. They fight for his attention and are very sweet to him, while their mother (already mother of three boys) gives me a dreadful look as she says ‘they’re DYING to get another sibling…’ I just laugh and enjoy them.

The 2 year old is slightly jealous with the new baby taking all of the attention, so I multiply myself and give my time to all four boys. I’ve become quite an expert in putting the youngest one to sleep, while with the others I’m the cool aunt who gives them leg rides and plays airplane with them. My sisters and my mother are very surprised with my dedication and playfulness and are already offering baby sitter jobs to me. I must say, I truly admire them. Having kids is EXHAUSTING. My mom had seven. She’s my new role model.

I don’t get to see my nephews very often, which is a shame. The best part of having nephews is that it’s free love. You can love them like they were your own kids but you don’t have to raise them or change diapers. It’s heaven. Apart from the distance problem, when I did get to see them I sort of distanced myself from them, not deliberately, but because I have 6 other siblings to play with them and it suddenly felt too crowded. Now that most of my siblings are away for vacation and I’m stuck in Santiago I’m the designated kid entertainer. And I love it.

It’s remarkable how kids can transmit their energy to you. I was playing ball with them yesterday and I soon found myself laughing and having as much, and probably more, fun than the kids. And you can’t help but to feel special when they come up to you with a book and say, “will you read this to me? I like how you make the different voices.” Awww and double awwww.

It’s in moments like that or when they struggle to get your name out right that I remember how much I like and enjoy the company of kids. Specially if they’re my nephews and they think I’m cool.

Three of them are leaving later today and I’m proud to say I made the most of their time here. The other one goes back to Texas next week. I’m glad I decided to spend his time here in Chile at my mom’s house, where he and my sister are staying, because it gave me more opportunities to be with him. He can speak no more than three clear words and the other day he called me, “Pía”, which is the closest thing to Sofía. I felt like crying. I’m happy.

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Maja said...

Kids are lots of fun and I agree, especially if you don't have to do all the hard work! Nothing like a kid having fun to bring a smile to your face.