Saturday, January 21, 2006

Evolution in writing and Viña del Mar


It’s amazing how things change as time goes by. My script started being about the importance of family and tolerance to those who are different from us, and how we can learn from each other. With time it’s become a story about family, about our openness to learn from others and become better people, about fear of abandonment, about how truth makes us feel at home, about our eagerness to have everything figured out at once, about how in the end we all want to impress (or piss off) our parents just to get their attention about finally taking that step that used to make us piss our pants at the only thought of taking it.

The funny thing is that the less the script was about the longer it was. Now that it has more subjects it’s considerably shorter and more to the point. And the soundtrack kicks fucking ass. If this thing ever gets made I’m gonna sell my soul just so they put the songs I selected.

In the end writing is like natural selection. We evolve into the details that will make our work better in its environment. All the extra stuff just falls off, like the little toe will in a few generations from now. And we’ll always find more and more that will make our little creature (your work as a writer, you gutter head perverts) more and more fit in its reality so it can survive storms and bad reviews from self-involved critics.

I actually have a deep respect for critics, especially when they know what they’re talking about, but all those “opiniologers” (people who have an opinion about everything and everyone and don’t seem to notice the fact that they’re wearing alligator shoes with pink velvet pants) just piss me off. They say the most horrible, most unnecessary, completely trivial things just to buy some camera time. TV camera, not film. Is it really necessary to disrespect someone or something just so we can see your God-awful hairdo/gelhead on the small screen? To this people, you know who you are: GET A JOB!

Yesterday I spent the entire day in Viña del Mar on a “Technical Visit” through the hotels and coliseum that will be holding all sorts of singers and performers for the 2006 Viña Del Mar Festival. We have some big names coming that are yet to be confirmed, but word is they’ll be pretty good! They also interviewed me along with two other assistant producers to see if we could speak English. This will be of great help during the press conferences to serve as an interpreter and to see which artists they’re assigning us.

Besides that, I relished in the visit. People from abroad usually think of Chile as a third world country with people hunting in leather thongs and chanting to mystic spiritual forces for some rain. But the truth is we’re pretty civilized, and most artists are shocked to see the display of the Viña Del Mar Festival. We have the best sound IN THE WORLD, the lighting comes from Mexico, we have the best equipments and the show is broadcasted to the world. We’re right after “Rock in Rio” when it comes to importance of a Latin American music festival.

They took us to the backstage through all this secret hallways and passages, saying things like “if the artist is too important and popular we get him through the second tunnel that leads to the dressing rooms, this is the platform that gets the artists into the stage, it comes from the side, and this one comes from under the stage, and this is where the judges will be, this is the VIP room, this is a secret tunnel that leads to the third dimension” and stuff like that. It was so much fun, especially when they told us we were the only ones that could have access to all the facilities and hotels.

I’ve got the power.

Being an “attach” is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure your artist gets to sound check and rehearsal on time, that they have everything they need, that they get to the hotel safe, you have to be in the van with them, take them to the press conference, in some cases pick them up in the airport, make sure they have anything they need in their dressing rooms, which sometimes includes a blue dog with thorns coming out of his tail and more and more things that make my head spin just thinking about them. You have to be like a leach and you're gonna be yelled that for anything. And I love it.

I leave the 18th and come back the 28th.

Bye-bye sleep.

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Maja said...

Wow that sounds so exciting! What an awesome job. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back, but I guess you'll have to sleep for a week first!