Monday, June 27, 2005

Sofía's Greatest Hits



There are a couple of things that make me feel proud about myself. Here's a list:

1- Hugs. I give amazing hugs. I'm like a tall, skinny teddy bear with a choking rack. Is that sick or what?

2- Voices. I can do voices. From the news' anchor man to Prince.

3- My hands. My hands and fingers are so huge that they even freak me out (not to mention the boyfriends I've had during my life. Trust me: a guy freaks out when your hand is bigger than his. They think they will make other things seem... smaller). If we lived in a world that appreciated large hands I'd be the queen. But such magnificent world doesn't exist. YET.

4- My sneakers. I don't wear shoes or high heels or anything uncomfortable. I wear sneakers, tennis shoes, kicks, whatever you wanna call'em. And I must say: I have a pretty damn good eye for sneakers. They are unique.

5- Kisses. I'm always kissing people. Cheeks and cheekbones: watch out.

6- Memory. I have an excellent memory. I remember the stupidest things, I don't know why, I just do.

7- My laugh. I went to see 'Finding Nemo' with my ex boyfriend (while we were dating) and after it was over he told me he was proud to be sitting next to me because my laugh was just too funny to resist. I felt all gooey inside. Is that even a word?

8- I can write 15 scripts at a time. Not literally, but simultaneously. I work a little on one then trade and then more of the same until 5 years from now my doctor tells me I have artritis. (Is that how you spell it?)

9- My plan. I have a plan to save the world and it's fucking great. I'll post it soon.

10- Music. I have great taste in music.

And that's it. Now that I read this I consider myself extremely lame. So what? It works very good for me.

Stauçy tuned.