Monday, August 01, 2005

Tid bits.

"Mrs. Robinson, I think you're trying to seduce me"

Here's another thing that could save the world: "Candy" reruns. There's nothing more adorable than a Japanese made bimbo who sighs her love's name dreamily and with a devotion as I haven't seen in my life. "Candy" is a dreamer and she reminds us of our childhood, of better times; she reminds us that, as Chris Martin sang: "Everything's not lost".

You gotta love "Candy". And you gotta love Coldplay.

You know, I have the three Coldplay CDs and I gotta admit "Parachutes" is the best of all. Songs like "Don't Panic", "Sparks", "We never Change" and of course "Yellow" are spectacular. "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is fantastic as well, but the song "Green Eyes" seems out of... how can I put this? Context? It's like a stop in an album that was playing full force. Maybe it was meant to be that way. The song is beautiful in its simplicity, and the lyrics are amazing, but it feels a little out of place. "X&Y" is good as well. A little more pop if you ask me, but it still feels like Coldplay.

I watched "The Graduate" last night. Now that's what I call a good movie and a kick-ass soundtrack. Simon & Garfunkel are awesome. Specially Paul Simon. He has a song called "Diamonds ont he soles of her shoes" and it kicks ass. There's an African feel to it and it's beauiful. Paul Simon amuses me. He looks like a really shy guy and his voice is really soft but he's a monster of a musician.

I love how "The Graduate" was filmed. The long shots, the frames, the cuts; everything about it is perfect. Mike Nichols has to be one of the best directors alive. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" scared the crap out of me. He showed just how cruel and raw people can be. And Mrs. Taylor-Burton is terrifyingly amazing in her role. I wouldn't like to run into her in a bar 'cause she would drink everything and I'd have to hold her hair back while she pukes on my shoes. Her character, of course.

Personally, I've never been drunk. Maybe it's because of the size of my head that I can stay concious for hours. I've never been drunk, I've never tried drugs and I don't like Britney. I'm against the system.

I discovered that NYC Serenade belongs originally to Bruce Springsteen. No disrespect to the Boss, but I like Pete Yorn better. 'Cause I'm against the system and I'm going to wear my clothes backwards just to be even more against it. Go ahead, hate me. I hate you, too, so I guess we're even. Just kidding. That was my big sister's humor blossoming.

So my brother is getting married and my other sister is coming from Austin, Texas for a month or so to savor every single wedding detail. Personally, I hate dressing up. It's tight. And uncomfortable. And heels hurt my feet, that's why I wear them just for the pictures and slip in my sneakers to hit the dance floor. Because I'm against the system.

So I took my classes for next semester, which starts on monday. I took a storyboard workshop. I have 10 classes and 66 credits. Now that's a lot of classes and a lot of credits. This semester we have to do a TV show. I hate (Chilean) TV. That's why I'm going to do an absurd, irreverent crazy show for all the freaks out there who are just like me.

Yeah, I guess you could say I'm a freak. I can move my ears and lace my toes without help. And I don't like Radiohead. Everyone likes Radiohead but I don't. I prefer Keane, Coldplay, Athlete and other British bands sent to the world to depress us and remind us we were dumped but we're still hopelessly in love with our ex and there's nothing we can do about it 'cause we're not good enough. And that's just sad.

Today it's a sad day. The sky is gray, it's 4:33 pm and I'm still in my pjs. I love waking up late. I'm in vacation after all.

I'm going to Egypt with my dad later this year. I've begged him to stop in Jerusalem for a couple of days but he said no. I don't why I've always felt a connection with Israel and Judaism. I don't know, it's weird. I'm Catholic but I still feel like part of me is Jewish in a way I have a deep respect and admiation for them. Maybe I was Jewish on a previous life, and I don't believe in past lives, so you can imagine how overwhelming this feeling of belonging is.

We're still going to mount Sinai. That's definitely going to be something... I can't wait to go to Egypt. I'm a huge history freak and going to the queen of ancient civilizations has got me spinning and broadcasting about it 24-7. I'm going to see the pyramids and ride a camel, how fucked up is that? I'm the luckiest S.O.B. alive and I'm deeply grateful that I'm aware of that.

The song of the day belongs to Dream Theater. "Silent man." Beautiful!

I'll see you.

Don't worry. Be Chofi.


Agustin said...

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog, so original and fresh. I think i will be around, looking for more of your way to see "The things" in life.

Kind regards.

Jason said...

I liked this post.
Specially the bit on Elizabeth Taylor and how she's going to puke all over you! XD XD XD XD

I'm glad to hear how grateful you are for what you have. Most youngsters take everything for granted and it's quite refreshing to find one who appreciates what they have. Good luck in Egypt; I'll come back to check if you write any entries from Mount Sinai. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sofia. We chatted on ICQ last night.I liked world music and played name that tune with you.You seem very interesting.You asked if anyone wanted to check out your blog.Well I'm'a check'n!I didn't read much yet but I see you like Dream Theater!One of my all time favorite bands!I'm seeing them next month in Toronto. My 6th time.I don't meet many Dream Theater fans so when I do I'm "ARE YOU KIDDING?!I'M SUCH A FAN!!".Keep on blogging. Jeff Shymko