Sunday, July 31, 2005

A nice weekend



My brother proposed to his girlfriend. About time! He’s pushing 30 and he still lives at him, which is perfectly fine with my dad. My sisters got married at 23 (almost 24) and 26. I’m 20 and I still haven’t had a good, long, healthy relationship. I need to go out more…

I discovered a wonderful song yesterday. It’s by the wonderful Pete Yorn and it’s called ‘NYC Serenade.’ It’s a long song, and nothing’s better than a 7:17 song who is good all the time and worth every second. Another great Pete Yorn song is ‘Farmer vs. River’. It kicks royal buttocks.

Other great bands are Athlete, The Replacements, The Beta Band, Belle & Sebastian, Soda Stereo, Los Tres, Los Bunkers and Lucybell. The last three are Chilean. Very good bands.

It’s been an exciting weekend. I visited my sister in her countryside house, I played with my nephews, the youngest learned to say my name (he calls me ‘Popía’), which is a huge event since he’s a major mama’s boy and he doesn’t get near anyone but her and his nanny. But this weekend he was infatuated with me. Nothing better than an infant’s infatuation. Just ask Michael Jackson.

Then my brother proposed to his girlfriend (huge shocker), I made a Snow Patrol / Los Bunkers CD, a guy flirted with me through MSN while the object of my affection babbled about how much he likes the CD I made for him. And in a couple of hours I’m taking my fourth semester classes through the internet. Technology never ceases to surprise me. You can flirt and get an education at the same time.

"Totally”, says one of the voices in my head. She’s always trying to steal my thunder…

“You bitch…” Hey, shut up!

“Fine… But I get to write the next entry!” She whines.

I’m about to google a head-voice exorcism.



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Anonymous said...

Your posts are hilarious! I love your writing style and how you easily jump from one topic to another.

Keep it up, I'll keep reading you.