Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Heal the world, dude!



Okay, we all want to save the world but we never specify on how we would do it. And that’s a big part of plans. So here’s mine. Just follow the directions and soon enough the world will be a better place.

1. Laugh whenever you get the chance.

2. Read ‘The Little Prince’, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, ‘Mr. Vertigo’ and ‘My orange-lime plant’ every two years. They will lead to introspection and that’s always good.

3. Wear sneakers. Heels make you cranky. Trust me, I have sisters.

4. Don’t be afraid to daydream.

5. Drop any phobias you may have except the ones that matter (to laziness, to intolerance, to hate, to phobias.)

6. Hug people just because. But it’s better if you do it with people you know. Pepper spray is not a nice thing.

7. Watch the Simpsons.

8. Don’t go insane over little stuff, like a broken glass. The glass is broken, not you. Focus on the things you didn’t have to pay for, like your family, friends and spouses. Unless you met your significant other through a matchmaking company and had to pay for the membership. Focus on the outcome.

9. You have to have a fetish band, those that you’d never admit you like but as soon as you’re alone you’re in your room dancing around and singing ‘Oops, I did it again!’. If you don’t have the ability to acknowledge your own pathetic self you’re way too arrogant, and nobody likes arrogance.

10. Spread love, happiness, smiles and candy everywhere. Candy is sweet, sweet is nice.

11. Find a cause and do everything you can to help them.

12. Be nice to children. They’re the future and they will rule the world while you’re in a retirement home, so if you wanna age gracefully show some respect for the little people.

13. Be respectful and tolerant.

14. Don’t laugh at other people’s aspirations.

15. Love kids some more. Not for your sake, but because they deserve it.

16. Do the right thing. Don’t litter. Don’t do drugs.

17. Don’t lie.

18. NEVER support a war, no matter what the cause is. Killing will never be good and it will never make you better than those who threw the first stone.

19. READ! Inform yourself! Keep yourself updated!

20. Don’t worry. Be happy!

Anyway, that’s my plan. You have any ideas?

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